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Press relations by Valentin KLIPFEL – Distrolution  (March-April 2018)

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  • Review by Free Sound Magazine (link here) 
    • Si chiamano FALL FLAVORED  vengono da Lille (Francia) e sono la nuova talentuosa band capace di conquistare FSM con un sound alternative moderno e di qualità. La punta di diamante del gruppo si chiama Yasmine, la sua voce grintosa e graffiante si sposa alla perfezione con le sonorità proposte, ritengo importante per una band avere un cantante con un timbro vocale riconoscibile.”
  • Review by Nataliez World (link here)  
    • These selection of tracks being quite frankly, very structured, that they turn to be quite pleasing to the ear. The melodies that accompany the beats are very forward, sticking to the alternative rock formula, bringing to mind, that of old school AFI or Anti-Flag. You really get a kick out of the rhythms playing on, as the vocalization used throughout, keeps a steady tone, but makes the music irresistible.”
  • Review by GBHBL (link here)  
    • “Lively & fun groove is what Fall Flavoured deliver with force throughout 180. Pop-rock vocals mixed with impressive guitar medleys and riffs”
  • Track by Track guide on Idioteq (link here)
    • Over a dynamic, relentless, diverse, and catchy 35 minutes, the band checks the melodic punk of ANTI-FLAG and RISE AGAINST while working MUSE and BILLY TALENT’s dynamics and rhythm twists into their own punkish rock anthems. “180” is slated to display their varied alt punk rock sound and it will more than likely have you dancing along at least a couple of times along the way.”
  • Review on Post-Punk Press (link here)
    • “Hailing from Lile in France, Fall Flavored are a mixture of some of the biggest influences in the punk rock industry, exploring each element that really brought the genre to light, offering a fresh modern twist on their music in an ingenious display of their musical talents.”
  • Review on Small Music Network (link here)
    • “An immensely exciting album from to start to finish that excels in so many ways; above all giving us a whopping flux of adrenaline and leaving us dying for me once it wraps up. This is a cracking gem that cannot go unheard, it deserves to be experienced by a wider audience.”

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